This is a short summary for the DS-2300 handheld recorder. The manual has more details on features you may wish to use.


1.         Install the software for the DS-2300 recorder.  Insert CD and install English version, hit next to install, hit yes to agreement, add serial number.  Accept all the defaults. Click on Finish.  The software is now installed. 


2.         The unit has 5 folders to store dictation.  We only use folder A.  This is the default folder. Hold unit no further than 6 inches from your mouth, talk at the top of the unit were the microphone is located. This will help in clarity of the speech file and will limit background noises.  To start dictation, press the REC button to start recording (a red light will come on at the top of the recorder when recording).  Hit the REC button again if you wish to PAUSE the recorder.  The unit can be left in PAUSE mode indefinitely until you are ready to start dictating again by pressing the REC button.  When you are done dictating for the day press STOP.  This will create one file when you are done.   When traveling, place the unit in the hold position, this turns off the display and will not allow you to record by accident.


3.         To download sound files, Refer to the Manage your dictation instructions on the support page for this operation.


Helpful Hints:


I suggest pushing the pause key until you are done for the day, then hit stop. When installing batteries into recorder it is very important make sure the polarity is correct. The unit will not download files in pause mode, you will need to hit stop before you can download files.