We use an FTP server to transfer files. You can use any FTP program that you like, but it has to have SSL encryption. CoreFTP can be downloaded off the internet at CoreFTP.com.

Click on Downlaod tab

Click on www.coreftp.com (64-bit)

Click on the exe file to install


Once you download and install CoreFTP or have a FTP client software package already, you will need the following information to get started. This will be given to you.


A ip address (example) 12.34.567.890

A user name

A password - (this is case sensitive)



You now can start Core FTP software by clicking on the CoreFTP Lite icon on your desktop.

When the Site Manager window appears Click on New Site. Type any name in the Site Name box, i.e., Transcription House. Use IP address (from the e-mail we send you) in Host /IP/URL box. Type username and password that was given to you. Type 990 in the Port box, click on the SSL Direct box, this will populate, OpenSSL, SSL Listings and SSL Transfers. Click Connect and you will see a certificate page, you will select always accept. You are now connected to our FTP site


The left pane window is your computer and the right pane window is the Transcription House computer. This is how you will transfer files. To send or receive files is as easy as click once on a file to highlight and push the arrow to move the file to the other screen. A time out will occur in 10 minutes if there is no activity. You will need to reconnect if this happens. If you have added files using a different program you will need to refresh the screen on CoreFTP to see them. This can be done by clicking on the refresh button at the top of the screen.